Restoring old picture frames

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Restoring old picture frames

I love how much work went into old picture frames. They often told as much of a story as the picture inside. I see lots of frames in my business that have not been treated well, that have been stored badly in sheds or sat in rooms with smoke building up on them for years. It's great to be able to get the frames back to their glory days and let their beauty shine on through. If you are looking to do some restoration of your own, my site has a collection of the tips and tricks I've learnt over the years to get the best effects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Waterproofing Contractor

If you have ever had a flood in your basement, then you appreciate the important services provided by waterproofing contractors. In order to avoid a repeat leak that may lead to another flood, you need water damage remediation services. Such services are provided by waterproofing contractors, and there are several factors you should consider in the selection of the right contractor.


As a rule of thumb, go for a waterproofing company that has been in business for at least three years. The experience comes in handy in understanding the needs of your home. In addition, a contractor that has been in business for several years would offer meaningful warranty for their services. Some services, such as crack repair, require a lifetime warranty.

If the contractors you have contacted in your locality have been in business for less than three years, then it would help to review their past work. You can ask around to know about the results of their work.

Full Service

Whether it is your roof that leaks or it's the basement, the two areas can leak water in various ways. As such, you need to find a waterproofing contractor that offers various services. The different types of leaks would require different service, so you need a contractor that can identify with a wide variety of water damage problems. In addition, after fixing your basement or roof problem, you may want the contractor to check any other faults in your house that present possible threats of water leakages.


Only go for a waterproofing contractor that has the mandatory licences required to operate. Ensuring that the contractor is licensed is a necessary precaution you have to take. A certified professional waterproofing contractor gives you the confidence that they are qualified. Membership to waterproofing associations also helps to ascertain the credibility of the contractor in their work.

A licence indicates that the certified company has the necessary equipment and resources to conduct water damage remediation. In addition, any terms of the contract, including the warranties offered, cannot be declared void. Without a licence, they can be declared void.


The nature of waterproofing services does not pose any serious risks or injuries. However, the possibilities of risks and injuries should not be ruled out entirely. As such, it is important that the contractor has an insurance that covers their employees. A company with such insurance goes to show that they care for everyone.