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Restoring old picture frames

I love how much work went into old picture frames. They often told as much of a story as the picture inside. I see lots of frames in my business that have not been treated well, that have been stored badly in sheds or sat in rooms with smoke building up on them for years. It's great to be able to get the frames back to their glory days and let their beauty shine on through. If you are looking to do some restoration of your own, my site has a collection of the tips and tricks I've learnt over the years to get the best effects.

How to remove fresh grease and oil stains from your bitumen driveway

Throughout the cold winter months, your vehicle took a beating. Your car traversed areas full of salt, sand and even hit snow banks. As a result, certain liquids are leaking from your vehicle's underside onto your immaculate bitumen driveway. They appear as rings of sparkly darkness, and you quickly notice that they are oil stains. So now, you are looking for information concerning how to remove grease and oil stains from your asphalt driveway.

For to do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are interested in knowing how to clean oil stains off their bitumen driveway, the following valuable tips are important:

Step 1

The first step is to meticulously wash off the stained section using a garden hose. The objective is to get rid of any trash. Avoid using a high-pressure hose given that it can embed the stains much deeper.

Step 2

It is a bit easier to remove fresh oil stains before they dry. Therefore, it is important to act as quickly as possible to avoid a much more labour-intensive process in regards to removing old stains. For fresh oil stains, you will require three essential ingredients: any household cleaner such as dish soap, vinegar or baking soda, water plus a stiff-bristled brush.

To begin with, squirt a sizable amount of dish soap onto the fresh oil stain. Spray water on the stain from a bucket. Allow soap and water to diffuse into the stained section for a few minutes. The mixture of soap and water helps to stop the grease stain from drying and staining the bitumen.

The soap encircles small droplets of oil and does not allow it to solidify into a solid.

Step 3

Now scour the stained area using that stiff-bristled brush. Avoid using metal bristles because they will graze the finish on your asphalt, so use nylon instead. Repeat the scouring process until clean. Eventually, rinse off the driveway upon completion.

Why you should avoid power washing your bitumen driveway

Pressure washing also referred to as power washing weakens and wears away asphalt. It eliminates the protective sealants that shield the asphalt, and it may even weaken the actual asphalt pavement. Consequently, use a garden hose or a bucket of water.

In, conclusion, It is important that you apply new asphalt sealer after every few years to give your parking lot a new look and cover those stains that might be impossible to get rid of. Contact a company such as B & P Bitumen Repairs to learn more if you have other questions.