Restoring old picture frames

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Restoring old picture frames

I love how much work went into old picture frames. They often told as much of a story as the picture inside. I see lots of frames in my business that have not been treated well, that have been stored badly in sheds or sat in rooms with smoke building up on them for years. It's great to be able to get the frames back to their glory days and let their beauty shine on through. If you are looking to do some restoration of your own, my site has a collection of the tips and tricks I've learnt over the years to get the best effects.

Carpet restoration and repair

Carpet can bring a new life to your home or office, but when they are dull, old and damaged they do nothing more than lower the aesthetic appeal of your space and devalue it. It is a problem that requires the proper amount of attention and consideration in order to work out the best solution in each individual case. 

Carpet repair can be necessary for a range of requirements including the following:

  • Pet damage
  • Iron burns
  • Fraying seams
  • Stains
  • Burns
  • Holes and rips
  • Joins and splits
  • Stair replacement
  • Carpet mould 

Why are these things a problem? Small rips and tears in carpets can start out as nothing more than an eyesore, but overtime with further wear and tear, it can become a hazard to anyone who is walking across the carpet, resulting in trips and falls. The worse the damage gets, the more of the carpeting surface is affected. If the damage gets to be too much, the carpet will more likely need to be replaced, and this will cost a lot more than it would to repair the initial damage. 

Carpet mould is caused by water and dampness within the building remaining for extended periods of time. If left for long enough, it can end in a situation that means it needs to be repaired due to it becoming unhealthy, having an unappealing odour and just looking unpleasant. 

Carpet stains and watermarks can often be difficult to remove, for example coffee, wine and pet stains. With the proper treatment, these stains can be removed from the affected area so that they look as good as new, ensuring flooring looks its best. 

When restored and repaired correctly, each sign of damage can be removed to the point of invisibility. Carpet stretching is another process that is included in the carpeting restoration process. It can remove buckles, fix loose and wrinkled carpets as well as greatly improve the appearance of old and worn carpeting. This reduces the danger of trips as well as prolongs the life of the flooring.

While repairing carpet damage costs a lot less than a full carpet replacement, there are many other benefits to a repair over a replacement; save time with a small repair job that could be done in under a few hours, save money on removing and disposing of old carpet, easily have stains removed to the point where it appears that they were never even there to begin with.