Restoring old picture frames

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Restoring old picture frames

I love how much work went into old picture frames. They often told as much of a story as the picture inside. I see lots of frames in my business that have not been treated well, that have been stored badly in sheds or sat in rooms with smoke building up on them for years. It's great to be able to get the frames back to their glory days and let their beauty shine on through. If you are looking to do some restoration of your own, my site has a collection of the tips and tricks I've learnt over the years to get the best effects.

5 Ways to Prevent Cracks in a Clay Brick Foundation

A clay brick foundation can be beautiful, but if the bricks start cracking, your foundation won't look as nice. Luckily, there are multiple steps you can take to avoid cracks. From buying materials to installation to maintaining your foundation, here are some tips to help you: 1. Choose a Quality Brick Maker It's critical to start with quality bricks, and if your contractor is purveying the bricks for you, you may want to ask about the brick supplier. Read More 

Tips for Ceiling Repairs in Camper Trailers

There are various reasons you would purchase a used or vintage camper trailer. You may be converting one to a workshop, office space, or you may be planning a tiny home conversion for travelling. Regardless of the reason, one of the main issues people tend to find with used campers is the need for some form of ceiling repair. If you have grabbed a deal on a camper, but now you're facing a ceiling repair from water or rain damage, here are a few tips to get you through the process. Read More 

Removing paint work to restore the finishes in a residential property

In older properties many of the heritage or vintage features and finishes of the house may be buried deep underneath many layers of old paint work. The first step in this case is to delicately remove the paintwork. Here are some tips to help you in this task.  How to Remove the Paint The first step is to gather some appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as some of the paint you are removing may contain lead, which can be easily inhaled and has a raft of ill health effects associated with it. Read More 

Carpet restoration and repair

Carpet can bring a new life to your home or office, but when they are dull, old and damaged they do nothing more than lower the aesthetic appeal of your space and devalue it. It is a problem that requires the proper amount of attention and consideration in order to work out the best solution in each individual case.  Carpet repair can be necessary for a range of requirements including the following: Read More 

Knowing and understanding concrete cancer

Concrete and structural damages can occur in buildings when they aren't properly waterproofed and maintained. One particular issue associated with this type of damage is known as concrete cancer. Concrete cancer (professionally known as concrete spalling) is hazardous and, if not properly treated, can cause further structural damage and require costly repair and replacement fees.  This can occur in residential, commercial, civil and industrial applications--no building is immune. The causes of concrete cancer are varied and include poor workmanship during construction, low concrete cover to reinforcement, carbon dioxide causing corrosion or water damage, for example, when a poorly sealed steel framework starts to rust, then the concrete surrounding it begins to be displaced. Read More